Swiping for love…Tinder through the Octalysis Gamification Lens

Swiping for love…Tinder through the Octalysis Gamification Lens

Worldwide Web access now links people every where as well as on all amounts, and our look for an appropriate partner is no exclusion. I end up with close to 600 million hits if I google “dating. This really is one hot sector!

Tinder happens to be one of many applications in the forefront with this development, and people that are many utilize Tinder. The software matched 12 million individuals since its release and processed significantly more than a billion swipes daily (HNGN, 2014). I have to admit I’d utilized Tinder times that are several analysing the software through Octalysis, nevertheless the gamification framework has made me personally more aware of exactly exactly how Tinder make you feel and work. How come Tinder users fall prey to swiping that is obsessive? My pal frequently does 100 swipes in a brief time frame, says he’s “Throwing out of the fishnet!”.

Let’s placed on the Octalysis lens, begin fishing, and discover exactly exactly how Tinder motivates us to make use of their app!

The four experience stages

In Octalysis, we see services and products through different experience stages. The very first time you see something is significantly diffent from the time you’ve tried it with time, therefore for every stage we have to design for various expectations and inspiration. The 4 experience stages of Octalysis are: Discovery, Onboarding, Scaffolding and also the Endgame.


The Discovery stage is when we have been introduced or learn about a item when it comes to first-time. Seeing a commercial for a poster the very first time is significantly diffent from a buddy telling us concerning the exact same item.

Let’s very first glance at just exactly exactly how users find Tinder. We see this when we search for Tinder on Google Play:

Tinder was downloaded more than 50 million times! This is certainly a large amount of social evidence, also it undoubtedly must produce interest for individuals to make use of Tinder.

Many people are introduced to mobile relationship through buddies and acquaintances (Core Drive 5: Social Influence and Relatedness). It was additionally the situation for me personally, and I also remember tales about hook-ups, evening Tinder conferences or other non-romantic experiences the 1st time I happened to be told about dating online.

If you learn Tinder from their home-page, you’ll be greeted by an appealing girl in a atmosphere balloon, gazing down by having a bright blouse that is red. She adds a individual feeling to my first impression (Core Drive 5: Social influence & relatedness). The introduction film follows this girl on her travels, therefore we can easily see exactly exactly how she utilizes Tinder at a few occasions. She satisfies some guy, whom draws near her plus they spend the last section of her getaway together.

The general narrative informs of a fantasy state where Tinder makes it possible to fulfill interesting individuals, and that love can in fact take place within their software. My first-impression of Tinder was: “Hey, check always this f***-app” out, therefore I experienced some question as you’re watching the intro film. Nevertheless, the narrative of travel, unpredictability, enjoyable, brand new individuals and brand brand new experiences renewed my hopes of finding Miss directly on Tinder!

• The discovery narrative informs the Tinder love tale. 50 million packages is a large amount of social evidence, but more can be carried out to bolster this narrative. Possibly they are able to show individuals who have develop into a couple after conference on Tinder?

• Tinder’s discovery film is meant to be about “real” love, however it would not fit with my very very first impression as Tinder being fully an one-night-stand solution: it had been simply not believable sufficient for me.

• Badoo trumps Tinder in SEO, also whenever you look for Tinder(!) None associated with the popular apps show if you search for ‘love’.


Onboarding begins right while the user chooses to agree to the knowledge. In Octalysis we give consideration to enrolling once the commitment that is first. It concludes whenever they’ve discovered the basic principles to try out the overall game. You how the experience works after you download Tinder, four simple screens show:

The “rules” of this game are easy to comprehend and we immediately understand what to accomplish. Swiping is intuitive and fulfilling. After two swipes we currently get yourself a preview of exactly what my very first win-state will appear like within the application: “It’s a match!”.

A perfect Core Drive 5 (Social influence & Relatedness), Core Drive 2 (developing & Accomplishment) and Core Drive 7 (Unpredictability & Curiosity) combination. All my life but never knew it in fact, the experience has a bit of Core Drive 1: Epic Meaning and Calling here (Chosen one): maybe I have belonged to Tinder. Will Tinder be my destined destination to find love in my own life maybe?

Through the very first few swipes associated with experience, Tinder not merely assures me personally that my swiping is anonymous (I don’t want people to understand we rejected them – removing the Anti Core Drive 8: Loss & Avoidance), but being introduced to your win-state (match-screen) additionally develops excitement (Core Drive 2: Development & Accomplishment). Finally, Tinder features a large amount of social evidence at the beginning of the experience (Core Drive 5: Social Influence & Relatedness). In every, this make me feel excited and safe to win that match!

There was only 1 way that is simple subscribe to Tinder: sign in with Facebook. One key sign-up provides small option, exactly what better social evidence can there be than Facebook? Some users is probably not pleased with just one option to sign-up, and if you should be concerned with privacy, it could allow you to think hard. But overall the steps that are early both safe, exciting and that you can find interesting individuals on Tinder.

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